Minerals. hmm. Well you require more.  
Sadly you're not the only one who requires minerals, so the more you gonna have the more troubles fun you gonna have.  
Which is why you have weapons. Doesn't come with ammo so you wanna find some, or not, but how are you gonna get the minerals if you don't have any bullets? So finding bullets is highly recommended.  
Hmm, what else. oh. Not dying helps to find more minerals, so don't. 


    WASD or Arrow keys to jump.
    Space to talk.
    E or F to walk.
    Left Mouse Button or Left Trackpad Button or Tap on a Trackpad or Tap on a touch screen or Tap with pen on a graphics tablet to shoot.
    MouseWheel or 1 2 3 - definitely not to switch weapons. Everything but that.
    F1 or F7 - Main menu (Apparently on chrome F1 is the "help" screen. Who uses it? Hopefully F7 isn't bound to something)
    F2 or F8 - Full screen (Since WebGL is really efficient and stable you have no excuse not to play in full screen)