You find yourself in the "middle" of the road with empty fuel tank. Your only hope is to find a gas(since when gasoline or diesel is a gas?) station nearby. Luckily there are gas cans laying around.



    • Like in every(with almost no exeptions) first person game.


    • You turn on the engine, lights, press clutch, switch to the first gear, lower handbrake, release the clutch until it catches synchronizer ring if required(depending on car or inclination) press accelerator pedal. When car gets some speed fully release clutch press the accelerator for more speed then shift gears according to your speed. If you want to slow down press brake pedal and if needed press clutch.
    • Note: When you switch to reverse you should not be moving since reverse gear doesn't have a synchronizer ring.
    • To turn left or right turn wheel in front of drivers seat. DON'T go outside of a moving vehicle to turn the wheels.

    Other (actually useful):

    • E - take and drop gas cans, barrels, boxes, pallets, planks. Enter car. Exit car. Fill the car with fuel. Pretty much everything.
    • F1 - Restart
    • F2 - Full Screen